AB Capital mainly invests in Asia Pacific properties, with an initial focus in Japan.


Adopting a systematic and opportunistic approach towards steady income generation and maximizing returns, AB Capital strives to capture the opportunities arising from:


  1. Low interest rate environment that provides cheap financing;
  2. Event-driven mispricing in the real estate market such as those caused by global pandemic, supply and demand imbalance, and overall liquidity shortage;
  3. Efficient and effective foreign investor tax structure to minimize tax exposure;
  4. Stable rental income from decent operator with good credits.


In order to capture these opportunities, AB Capital has two fund strategies: Opportunistic Fund and Long Term Fund (to be set up).

Opportunistic Fund

Our Opportunistic Fund mainly targets assets that demonstrate resilient operations during the pandemic and provide a steady source of income. The Fund aims to hold these assets for a short to medium term to maximize returns for our investors.

Long Term Fund

Our Long Term Fund targets assets that provide stable cashflow, with a long holding period of 15 – 20 years.